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How to clean fridge with baking soda

With all of the food entering and leaving your fridge, it can quickly get dirty.  However, you want to be careful when cleaning your fridge.  You want to avoid using harsh chemicals near your food.  Luckily, cleaning your fridge is safe and easy with baking soda.

To clean your fridge with baking soda, start by clearing your shelves completely.  Then, sprinkle some baking soda evenly on the surface.  After your baking soda is evenly distributed, spray a bit of water using a spray bottle.  After the baking soda fizzes for a while, wipe clean using a paper towel.

Why avoid chemicals when cleaning fridge

Since you consume what is in your fridge, it is not safe to use harsh chemicals.  For example, if you use bleach to clean your fridge, your foods might soak up some of the bleach or fumes and cause damage.  Please avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning the fridge.  Stick to safe options such as water, vinegar, and baking soda.

Why should you use baking soda to clean?

Baking soda is great for dissolving organic compounds such as dirt, grease, and sticky sugar.  Since you store food in your fridge, a lot of your messes will be organic.  For this reason, baking soda is extremely safe and effective when cleaning a refrigerator.

Remove all contents from fridge

As you get started, you will want to completely remove all food from your fridge.  It is much easier to clean when you have a clear work space.  Don’t worry, this process doesn’t take long and your food will not be sitting at room temperatures for a long duration.  Since we’re using a safe cleaning compound, we can put the food back in the fridge as soon as we’re done.

Spread baking soda powder evenly on fridge shelves

Make sure that all flat surfaces of your fridge have some baking soda on them.  You can place a little bit extra on areas that have sticky messes.  Don’t use too much baking soda because you’ll have to wipe it off later.

Spray water on baking soda

Grab your spray bottle and fill it up with room temperature water.  Use the spray bottle to spray water over the surfaces that have baking soda on them.  You should see the baking soda begin to fizz at this point.  Using too much water can cause a mess, but make sure to use enough to get all of your baking soda wet.

Wipe down the baking soda and water reaction

After you let your baking soda and water react for a couple minutes, it is time to wipe it clean.  Grab a sponge or rag, and begin to wipe down your surfaces.  It helps to have a bucket or container that you can use to squeeze out the liquids from your sponge.  Make sure to wipe down your surface completely, you don’t want to leave any baking soda residue.

How to clean fridge with baking soda

Repeat where necessary

At this point, you should start to see the clean surfaces of your refrigerator shelves. If there are any stubborn areas that were not completely cleaned, you can simply repeat the same process.  You can try to use more baking soda to clean with more power.  It may also help to use hot water to loosen up the grime.

Removing fridge shelves to clean

If your refrigerator has messes that are very difficult to clean, you should consider removing your shelves.  By removing your shelves, you can scrub the messes more comfortably.  You can soak them in your bathtub or even pressure wash them outside.  Once your shelves are completely clean, simply reinsert them inside your refrigerator and enjoy the clean look.

Using baking soda for refrigerator odors

One incredible benefit of cleaning your refrigerator with baking soda is that it is great for getting rid of odors.  Refrigerators are notorious for developing odors due to all of the food that gets neglected and goes bad.  For very bad odors, using vinegar with baking soda can really help neutralize the smells.

Enjoy your clean fridge

Hopefully your fridge is now shiny and clean.  You will want to repeat this process every couple of weeks or months as your fridge gets dirty again.  Luckily, baking soda is a very safe substance to use around foods, so there is no consequence to using it to clean frequently.  If you find that your fridge gets dirty very frequently, you should reflect and see what is causing the mess.  Most of the time, it is food that is left for too long or things that have spilled.  Consider using a liner if you have frequent spills in your fridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use baking soda in fridge?

Yes, it is completely safe to use baking soda around food. You don’t have to worry about it contaminating your food.

Is baking soda good for cleaning fridge?

Baking soda does a great job dissolving organic compounds. Most messes in the fridge come from foods, so they’re all organic compounds and baking soda is really effective against them.

Can I clean my fridge with baking soda and vinegar?

Yes, you can use vinegar along with baking soda to clean your refrigerator. Simply spread baking soda in your fridge, mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle, and spray the mixture on top of the baking soda. Lastly, wipe your fridge clean with a sponge.

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