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How to Wash a Sherpa Blanket

Sherpa Blankets can gather a lot of debris, dirt, and lint. This debris, dirt, and lint can cause the blanket to become itchy and uncomfortable. To keep your blanket comfortable, it’s essential to know how to clean it.
Sherpa blankets are fleece blankets made from sherpa fabric which makes them particularly warm and great for winter. It’s a good idea to wash your sherpa blanket before winter so you can enjoy a nice clean blanket once it gets cold.

how to wash a sherpa blanket

How to Remove Stains From Sherpa Blanket

The first step to cleaning your Sherpa will be to pre-treat any stains. Therefore, if you’ve noticed any  on the surface of your blanket, the following steps will help you treat them:    

  1. If this stain is recent, blot off any excess moisture left behind.
  2. Apply dish soap or mild detergent to the stain and blot it into the blanket, allowing the blanket to soak in some of the soap.
  3. Rinse the stained spot of the blanket under cold water
  4. After you’ve rinsed the blanket, continue with your preferred washing method.

Removing stains is as simple as that!

Machine Washing Sherpa Blanket

This method works great for people who are busy and don’t have much time on their hands to hand-wash their blankets.

Washing your blanket in the washing machine is relatively easy. However, just be sure to follow these precautions first:

  1. Wash on a Delicate Cycle
  2. Use mild laundry detergent 
  3. Avoid using any fabric softener.

As long as you follow those precautions, you are good to throw your Sherpa blanket into the washer.

Once your Sherpa has completed its cycle in the washer, you’ll want to follow your preferred drying method.

Hand Washing Sherpa Blanket

Similar to washing a crochet blanket, hand washing your Sherpa is the best and safest way to clean your blanket. When hand washing, you’ll want to follow all of the same precautions as the ones listed for machine washing.

  • Wash in cold water only.
  • Use mild laundry detergent or soap.

After you’ve followed the precautions that are listed you can begin with the hand-washing process. 

Steps for hand-washing:

  1. Fill your bathtub, kitchen sink, or large tub with cold water.
  2. Submerge your blanket in the water and thoroughly massage the water throughout it.
  3. Add a few drops of your laundry detergent to the water and mix it around to create bubbles.
  4. Massage the soap gently into your blanket.
  5. Drain the water.

Now that your blanket is clean, you’ll want to follow your preferred drying method.

Sherpa Blanket in the Dryer

This method works great for people who don’t have access to a spot to hang dry their blanket.

There are a few simple precautions you must follow first:

  1. Dry using a gentle or delicate setting
  2. Dry using low or no heat

Once you’ve set up your dry cycle using the precautions listed, you can throw your Sherpa in and begin the dry cycle.

Hang Drying Sherpa Blanket

Hang drying is the best method for drying your Sherpa to keep it nice, fluffy, and damage-free. To use this method, hang it from a hanger or clothesline and let it air dry. 

Removing Pilling and Matting:

Sherpa blankets, once washed, tend to begin matting, creating a pilling effect of the fabric. If you notice your blanket has ended up pilling to itself, there are a few steps you can take to fix this.

There is one item you will need to begin this process:

  • Pet slicker brush or a Boar Bristle Brush

De-Matting Process:

Once you have your brush, follow these simple steps:

  1. Lay your Sherpa blanket on a flat surface
  2. Begin brushing your Sherpa with the brush. You can start in sections and take breaks as needed.
  3. Continue until you’ve brushed out the entire blanket.

De-matting your blanket is that simple. Your blanket should now be fluffy and like new once again! 


Washing your sherpa blanket is crucial to keeping it soft and fluffy. However, there are quite a few steps you must take, which cause it to be a bit of a lengthy process. Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you were able to successfully wash your Sherpa blanket.

remove stains from sherpa blanket

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I have to use Mild detergent?

Sherpa is known for its water-resistant capabilities. If you use strong laundry detergent, you risk stripping away the water-repellent fibers in the fleece. Therefore, it is best to use mild laundry detergent to avoid damage to your Sherpa blankets surface.

Can I use stain remover on sherpa blanket without pre-treating?

Pre-treating is a safe alternative to using a stain remover. Since most stain remover contains harsh chemicals to penetrate the stain, it is best to avoid using them as they can cause damage to your Sherpa blankets surface. Typically, the chemicals penetrate the stain and the surface of your blanket, causing unnecessary damage.

Should I use delicate cycles for sherpa blanket?

Delicate cycles on washers and dryers use a slow spinning method and cold air and water. The slow spinning prevents the blankets from matting together from friction, and the cold air or water keep the blanket from being exposed to excessive heat, which prevents it from melting or burning. 

What detergent should I use on sherpa blanket?

Sherpa is known for its water-resistant capabilities. If you use strong laundry detergent, you risk stripping away the water-repellent fibers in the fleece. Therefore, it is best to use mild laundry detergent to avoid damage to your Sherpa blankets surface.

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