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How to get hair out of carpet

How to get hair out of carpet

Hair can be very difficult to get out of the carpet.  Whether it is pet hair or human hair, it can be a very difficult task.  It is especially hard to get long hair out of your carpet.  Here is the best way we have found to remove hair from the carpet.

The easiest way to get the hair out of your carpet is by using a brush.  Grab a scrubbing brush, similar to ones you would use for dishes or bathrooms, and brush your carpet.  You should see hairs starting to detach themselves from the carpet and come free.

Start by vacuuming your carpet

Although vacuum cleaners are not super effective in removing hair, it is a good first step.  Your vacuum cleaner might be able to get shorter or looser hairs out of the carpet.  Longer hairs are usually too tangled to easily remove from your carpet.  However, running the vacuum can help loosen them up for when you have to brush.

Prepare your carpet with fabric softener

One helpful tip is to use fabric softener to help detangle the hairs that are stuck in your carpet.  Fabric softener has lubricating ingredients which makes it a lot easy to pull the hairs off.  To prepare your carpet, simply grab a spray bottle, fill it halfway with water, and then add drip a bit of fabric softener to create a diluted mixture.  If the mixture is too thick, then you will struggle to get it through the spray bottle.

Removing hair from the carpet with a brush

Given that brushes are used on heads, it makes sense that this is the most effective method of removing hair from your carpet.  You will want to start by selecting a thick bristled brush.  You can use heavy-duty cleaning brushes, or tile scrubbing brushes as they have thick bristles.  Once you have found your ideal brush, start brushing and scrubbing.  You should start to see hair coming off from the carpet and attaching it to your brush.  It is always surprising how much hair is on the carpet!

Choosing a strong bristled brush

While your initial thought might be to use a broom, those bristles are most likely too flimsy to effectively remove hair.  You will want to find a brush with thick bristles because you will be scrubbing very hard.  Most likely, you have some sort of scrub brush at home.  If not, you can find one at your local home improvement store, large retail store, or even dollar store!

Brushing carpet to remove hair

Once you have found your strong brush, it is time to brush the carpet. Select an area to work in, and start brushing. You will see the hairs come off the carpet and into your brush. Keep brushing until no more hair comes off.

brushing carpet

Removing hair from the carpet with a squeegee

Squeegees can do a great job at removing hair from certain carpets.  It sounds like a contradiction to the brushes because squeegees do not have bristles. However, the rubber part of the squeegee does a great job of gripping and pulling the hair away from the carpet.  It may not work on all carpets, but if you already have a squeegee at home this is an option you should definitely try.

Baking soda to remove hair from carpet

If you don’t have fabric softener easily available, you can use baking soda to loosen up the hair.  Simply sprinkle baking soda on your carpet to loosen up hair before brushing.  Once you’re done brushing, you will want to use your vacuum on the carpet to pick up the leftover baking soda.  An added bonus is that baking soda is great for deodorizing your carpet!

How to remove pet hair from carpet

Pet hair is easier to remove from the carpet since it is shorter.  However, the problem is that there is a lot more of it. Since pet hair comes off easier, you can use a carpet rake or a lint roller.  Simply roll your lint roller over your carpet and pick up the pet hairs.  If you don’t have a lint roller, the rubber squeegee technique works very well

Keeping carpets hair-free

While removing hair from carpet can be very annoying, it is very satisfying to see how much hair actually comes off through brushing.  Brushing your carpet regularly is the best way to keep it clean and free of hair.

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