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How to get Dog Poop out of Carpet

Pets really are the best things that exist in this world, but I wouldn’t say the same for the messes that they can make. Whether it is a tiny puppy or your older dog struggling with incontinence, they all do it. Cleaning pet feces out of the carpet is a daunting task. Even if you have a faux fur rug, you can remove dog poop from it. Instead of chucking out the whole carpet in defeat, here are some ways to get it out. 

Tips for cleaning dog poop on carpet:

Wear Gloves: The chemicals can be harsh on the skin, so wearing some rubber gloves can really help you in the long run. If you have sensitive skin, this is a must. You want to be just as careful with these chemicals as with the chemicals for removing cat urine from carpet.

Also, remember to wash your hands after you are done with this process to ensure you get any and all chemicals off your hands. 

Blot, don’t Rub: When you are using the towel to actively clean the stain, make sure you are blotting and not rubbing. The rubbing will only push the fluids further into the carpet. Save the rubbing motion for the scrub brush. 

Mind the Smells: Poop stinks. Literally. Remember that once you throw that poop away, you will have lingering smells. That is why I usually pick up poop with toilet paper. So, I can flush it immediately. If you have dog bags, or even just a plastic shopping bag, put all the dirty towels and poop in the bag and tie it. This will prevent the smell from covering your entire home. 

Vacuum Tips: Make sure that you only vacuum with dry items. If you try to vacuum up the poop that is still wet or the baking soda you put on top of the vinegar that is damp, it will only clog up your vacuum. If that happens, the only way to fix it is to take it apart and clean it out, which is really a hassle. 

Product testing: If you are worried about the cleaning products further staining your carpet, test it in an area you would never see. Put some in the back of your closet or under the dresser, leave it there, and see if it stains. 

Cleaning dog poop with carpet cleaner.

I don’t think I could live without my carpet cleaner. It really does make it so much easier. Instead of scrubbing on your hands and knees like Cinderella, a carpet cleaning solution takes on most of the work. 

Simply fill the cleaner with the cleaning substance of your choice, and clean. Make sure you pick up the bigger pieces of poop before you do this. You can just grab some toilet paper, pick it up, and flush it straight down the toilet. That’s what I usually do. These can be pricey though, so let’s review other ways to clean your carpet if you cannot afford this option. 

carpet cleaning solution

7 steps for cleaning dog poop on the carpet with baking soda

  1. Cover the area and let it dry. This is a good thing to do because the hardened poop is much easier to clean up than the fresh, wet pile. Picking up the wet poop will result in more poop to scrub out of the carpet. If you are annoyed by the smell, try covering the area with a bowl or lightly place a towel over it. 
  2. Once dried, clean the bigger pieces up. Pick up when you can and properly dispose of it. Now we can focus on the stain it left. If the poop is stuck to the carpet, try using a fork to scrape at it and loosen the pieces. 
  3. You can then vacuum up any crumbs now. Be sure to only do this if the area is dried. Otherwise, the wet poop will clog your vacuum up. 
  4. Soak the area with a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar. Let this sit and soak until completely dry before continuing 
  5. Now that the area is dry after placing the vinegar solution, cover it with baking soda. This will really help pull those stains and smells out. Let that sit overnight if possible. Leave it as long as you can but at least one hour. The longer you leave it, the better the effects. You can always cover it with a bowl or towel if you are worried about your pets or children getting into it. 
  6. The next day, vacuum up the baking soda. 
  7. Repeat as needed if there are still stains or smells. 


At the end of the day, just know that poop accidents happen and they are nothing to seriously worry over. If you just can’t get the stain out, try a professional cleaner or carpet repair company.

Frequently asked questions

Should I let dog poop harden before cleaning?

Waiting for dog poop to dry and harden makes cleaning it a lot easier.  This way you don’t have to deal with smearing and risking making the mess even bigger.

How do I remove the dog poop smell from the carpet?

You can use baking soda to neutralize the smell of dog poop from your carpet.  Simply spread the baking soda on your carpet and let it sit for a while.  Later, come back and vacuum up the baking soda powder.

How do I remove dog poop stains on the carpet?

To clean up stains left behind by dog poop you should use dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. Create a mixture and then scrub it onto the stain.  If this does not fully remove the stain, you might want to consider calling a professional stain remover.

Will dog poop stain carpet?

Dog poop can definitely stain your carpet if not cleaned correctly.  You should begin by letting the dog poop fully dry to avoid smearing and staining.  If you’re careful with your cleaning, you should be able to clean the dog poop without leaving a stain.

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