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How to Clean Velcro

Velcro is a commonly used product among companies that create clothing and shoe products. Therefore, you have most likely bought an item that requires Velcro to fasten together. That or, perhaps, you bought Velcro on its own for a craft or household project.

When velcro gets dirty it becomes less effective. In order to keep the velcro strong, it is important to clean it once it collects gunk. In this article we will teach you how to clean velcro. The easiest way to clean velcro is by picking at the lint with a needle. You can remove all of the fuzzies one by one with a needle.

how to clean velcro

How to clean velcro in the washing machine

You can, in fact, put Velcro in the washing machine. However, you’ll want to take several precautions before throwing it into the washer. First, ensure the hook portion of the Velcro is covered. Second, avoid washing it in hot water.

These precautions are essential to take. Otherwise, you risk damaging the Velcro and the other items you’re washing with it.

After following these precautions, you can put your Velcro items into the washing machine like usual. After the wash cycle, you can move on to the drying process.

How to hand-wash velcro

The easiest way to clean your Velcro is by hand washing it. First, you will want to remove the lint from each side. After doing so, you will want to begin the actual handwashing process.

Hand washing can be done using cold or room temperature water. When handwashing your Velcro, you want to run the water over it, removing any debris that might have been left behind. 

It is that simple. Now that you’ve washed your Velcro, you can move on to the drying process.

How to clean velcro without water

When cleaning Velcro, the lint and debris stuck on the surface of the fastener should be your highest priority to clean off. This is because the debris and lint stuck between the fasteners cause it to lose its functionality over time. Therefore, this might be the only thing you need to do to clean your Velcro to make it like usable again.

Below is a list of tools capable of removing the lint from each side.

  • A pair of tweezers
  • The sticky side of tape 
  • lint roller
  • A fine-tooth comb
  • a firm bristled toothbrush

For more information on exactly how each tool is used, reference the FAQ section.

Leaving the velcro to dry

Now that we have reviewed safe washing methods, we must also review safe drying methods. When it comes to drying, there aren’t nearly as many rules and steps as there are for washing. Since velcro is made of plastic, it dries very quickly.

Velcro in the dryer

Velcro can be dried in a dryer. However, you must tumble dry your Velcro items on no or low heat settings. Otherwise, you risk possibly damaging and warping the plastic. You must cover the hook side of the Velcro before drying it, just as you do when you are washing it. 

Hang drying velcro

This method is quite self-explanatory. To hang dry your Velcro item, you will want to hang it up somewhere safe to dry, like a clothesline. 

This method isn’t really necessary unless you don’t have access to a dryer or if the item you washed is particularly fragile. 


Overall, Velcro is pretty simple to clean so long as you follow these simple tips;

  • Pick out any lint or debris stuck in the fasteners using a toothbrush, comb, tweezers, tape, or lint roller.
  • Keep your Velcro fastened and closed when washing and drying.
  • Avoid using hot water in wash cycles and avoid any heat when tumble drying.

Keeping your Velcro items clean should no longer be a daunting task. So long as you follow these methods and precautions, you shouldn’t have any issues!

dirty velcro

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does Velcro need to be cleaned?

If Velcro is not cleaned when it should be, it will end up losing functionality due to a build-up of lint. Not only does lint build-up decrease functionality, but it also looks dirty

What can be used to cover Velcro before Wash?

To cover it, you can put the entire item into a mesh clothing bag and then wash it like normal. This bag will keep the Velcro separate from the other items in the washer but still get the job done.

Another method of covering the Velcro is simply fastening it together before putting it in the washer.

How do I use tweezers to clean velcro?

Tweezers are used to grab out the lint and debris from each side of the Velcro. Simply stick the tweezers inside the velcro and squeeze to pull out the link

How do I use tape to clean velcro?

Sticking the sticky side of tape down onto the dirty Velcro and then ripping it off will remove the lint. This is because the lint adheres to the sticky side of the tape.

How to clean velcro with a lint roller

Lint rollers work just the same as tape. The lint sticks to the roller and quickly removes it. This method works best on loose velcro debris.

How do you clean velcro with a fine tooth comb?

Fine tooth combs are used to comb out the lint from the Velcro. This is done by the fine teeth being capable of getting up underneath the lint and lifting it off the Velcro.

Can you clean velcro with a tooth brush?

The firm bristles of a toothbrush can be used to brush out the lint. Essentially this is done the same way a Fine-tooth comb is, except it uses 

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