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How to Clean the Bathroom Floor with Shaving Cream

How to clean bathroom floor with shaving cream
Can shaving cream be used to clean?

No one can deny that the bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in your entire house. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the rooms that become dirty the fastest. From mildew or mold growth due to humid conditions to urine and other unpleasant substances missing the toilet, to be blunt, it can get a little gross. 

That’s why proper upkeep is necessary, to make trips to the bathroom for any reason as pleasant as possible. 

But don’t rush to grab your traditional bathroom cleaning solutions and sprays just yet! Shaving cream will do the trick to get your bathroom floors sparkling and odor-free again. To clean your bathroom floor with shaving cream, simply spray it on the floor, let it site for a while, and then wipe it clean.

How Does Shaving Cream Work to Clean a Bathroom?

How can something you use on your face translate so well to a floor cleaner? The combination of active ingredients and a foamy texture make it the perfect floor cleaning agent. 

The foaminess of shaving cream can get into the grout lines between bathroom floor tiles or otherwise reach the harder to scrub places. This takes much work out of the equation for you later on. Many particles and tiny hairs that gather on bathroom floors will also become stuck in the foam and effectively removed from the floor. 

What shaving cream is best for cleaning?

Traditional shaving creams contain triethanolamine which is an emulsifying agent. This will help remove and separate oily particles on the floor. Propylene glycol is a solvent that will break down gunk on the floor so that you can easily wipe it away without scrubbing as hard. These and other helpful ingredients target the grime on the floors and eliminate unwanted odors. Shaving cream works beautifully to clean bathroom floors. 

Cleaning with shaving cream

Cleaning the Bathroom Floors with Shaving Cream 

Get ready to say farewell to the smell of stale urine or mildew in your bathroom. You can also wave goodbye to the days of breaking your back and trying to bend around the toilet to clean it. Take out your trusty can of shaving cream, and you’re ready to get started. 

What you’ll need: 

  • A broom and dustpan 
  • A can of shaving cream 
  • A mop, squeegee, or scraper tool of your choice
  • A rag 

Step 1: Remove Necessary Furniture 

If you plan to clean every inch of your bathroom floor with shaving cream, you’ll need to remove anything on the floor, such as a hamper, trash can, and possibly small shelves. Create an open and clear floor for easier cleaning.  

Step 2: Sweep Up

You’ll start by quickly sweeping the bathroom floor to remove larger pieces of debris or anything on the ground. That way, the shaving cream will more effectively target the floor directly. 

Step 3: Spray Away!

Now you can use your shaving cream to begin covering your bathroom floor. Target the most stinky or stained areas first. This will probably mean around the toilet or areas where you see mold growing or dirt and dust collecting. 

Step 4: Spread it Out 

You can now use your mop, squeegee, or scraper tool to spread the foam, almost like Fluff on a piece of bread. Make sure the cream creates an even coating over the floor by spreading it out lightly, not pressing down firmly with the mop. Be gentle. 

Step 5: Leave it Be 

Now’s the easiest and most challenging part at the same time: waiting! Being patient is hard, but the result is worth it. Just step away and let the shaving cream work its cleaning magic. You should wait a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of an hour before continuing to clean. 

Step 6: Wipe it Up

Now that the shaving cream has picked up grime from the floor, you can use your mop or squeegee to begin wiping it away. You can wipe the foam into your dustpan and wash it out later if you like. If not, consider using a bucket of water to rinse your mop in between wiping up the shaving cream. 

Step 7: Wash it Down

Lastly, you’ll want to clean off your mop or squeegee (a bucket of water is a convenient way to do so) and give your floor one last wipe down with just water to remove any remaining shaving cream before letting it air dry. 

Here’s a bonus tip: Shaving creams come in all different scents these days. Please choose your favorite one to enjoy whenever you walk into your bathroom after cleaning it! While you’re at it, you can also clean your bathroom sink with shaving cream!


Just like that, your floor is as good as new! Devoid of urine smells or stains, with a can of shaving cream to thank. You might not have thought that this shaving tool could be so helpful in cleaning the bathroom floor. But now that you know how to clean the floor with shaving cream, you’ll be in for a little less stress while trying to maintain a clean bathroom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use shaving cream to clean wooden floors?

Sadly, no. The shaving cream has a chance of being absorbed into the wooden floors and damaging them. 

Can I clean other parts of my bathroom with shaving cream?

You can use shaving cream to clean anything with a glass, metal, or tile surface. You could also use it to clean plastic or other synthetic surfaces. Just be sure to wipe it all off after cleaning. 

How many cans of shaving cream do I need to clean the bathroom floor?

That depends on how big the area is and how much of the floor you plan to clean using shaving cream. All of it, or just around the toilet? Usually, one can is enough.

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