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Cleaning Griddle in 5 Steps using Baking Soda

How to Clean a Griddle with Baking Soda

Griddles are a common and versatile household appliance. It is very common to use electric griddles for cooking bacon and pancakes for breakfast. However, they can get dirty rather quickly. This being said, it is important to regularly clean your electric griddle. Cooking on dirty surfaces is unsanitary and dangerous. Luckily, cleaning an electric griddle using baking soda is quite easy.

cleaning griddle

Cleaning Materials

You will need the following supplies:

  • Sponge
  • Water
  • Dish Soap
  • Baking Soda
  • Set of Measuring Cups/Spoons

Once you’ve gathered your necessary supplies, you can begin the cleaning process below. 


First, follow the steps below to prepare for cleaning your griddle. 

  1. First, start by unplugging your griddle from the wall outlet. 
  2. If you have recently cooked with your griddle, be sure to allow for the griddle to cool down before proceeding to avoid getting burnt.
  3. Make your Baking Soda Paste – Use three parts baking soda to one part water for your mixture. 
how to clean a griddle with baking soda

Cleaning Electric Griddle with Baking Soda

Now that you have prepared your griddle and baking soda mixture, you’re ready to begin this method.

  1. Get your Baking Soda paste and spread it evenly across the burnt area(s) on your griddles surface. 
  2. Allow the paste to sit for at least fifteen to thirty minutes. The time frame your griddle requires will depend on the severity of the build-up.  (Waiting allows the paste to dissolve build-up slowly, ensuring all of it is removed.)
  3. Next, take your sponge and use the scrubbing pad to scrub the spots where you placed your baking soda. Continue doing this until the build-up has started to rub off the griddle. 

Cleaning Process:

Now that you have used the baking soda method to remove dirt and build-up, you can begin cleaning off the mixture and dirt from your griddle. The cleaning process is actually quite similar to cleaning an air fryer with baking soda.

  1. Get a Bowl or Bucket and add hot water, then add Dish soap and mix around.
  2. Grab your sponge and soak it in your hot water and dish soap mixture. 
  3. Use the soft side of your sponge and wipe down your griddle. This should remove any leftover baking soda or dirt.
  4. After wiping down your griddle, go back over it again with plain hot water to remove any remaining soap. 
  5. Once you’ve successfully wiped off your griddle’s surface, take a dish towel or paper towel and thoroughly dry it.

Now that you’re finished, you can plug it back in and use it as usual. 


Cleaning your griddle should be a simple and stress-free task. Letting your griddle get too dirty can be unsanitary, so keeping a clean kitchen is key. Following the steps provided for this method and regular cleaning should keep the process this way. 

To review, the cleaning process is quite simple:

  • Unplug the griddle.
  • Allow it to cool.
  • Make your mixture.
  • Spread it onto the build-up.
  • Scrub it off with a sponge.
  • Wipe it off with hot water and soap.
  • Rinse off with water.
  • Dry. 

It’s that easy!

Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you’ve successfully cleaned the build-up on the surface of your griddle.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can you clean griddle with baking soda?

Baking soda is considered a mild alkali and can cause grease and dirt to dissolve when mixed with water. Since baking soda easily dissolves grease and dirt, it makes it a great cleaning tool for cleaning kitchen appliances. 

How often should you clean electric griddle?

Cleaning off your griddle regularly is essential in keeping food from getting contaminated from dirt and build-up chipping off into it. A clean surface also helps prevent food from sticking. 

How do I prevent food from sticking and burning onto my Griddle?

Yes, you can prevent food from sticking to your griddle by using a cooking spray or oil. If you use a cooking spray or oil, spray the surface before placing the food, and continue spraying or applying it as needed.

How do I clean griddle without a sponge?

Yes, there are various tools you can use to scrub off build-up from your griddle. However, a sponge will likely do less damage to the griddles surface if you scrub too hard.

Some of the tools you can use instead:

  • Magic eraser
  • Scouring Pads
  • Dish Brush

You can use other tools not listed here if you’d like. These are just the most commonly used replacements. 

What Baking Soda to Water ratio should I use?

Your baking soda and water measurements will vary depending on your griddle’s build-up severity. 

If the entire surface is covered in the build-up, you will want to use more than someone whose griddle only has a small spot. Therefore, start small in your measurements and go from there. 

How frequently should I clean my Griddle? 

It is recommended that you clean your griddle after each use. However, you should use this method on your griddle only when you notice build-up. Otherwise, you risk accidentally stripping your griddle of its seasoning. 

If stripped, you will have to re-season your griddle. Therefore, it is best to avoid using this method frequently unless you intend to strip it of its seasoning. 

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