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How to Clean a Nespresso Machine

It is crucial to learn how to clean your Nespresso machine. Without regular cleanings, you risk the machine’s functionality declining and the coffee flavor is negatively affected.

There are a few different steps to take when cleaning your Nespresso coffee maker. First, basic cleaning like cleaning the steam wand and milk container (if your Nespresso has one) after each use. The second method of cleaning you should keep up with is “descaling” and you will want to do this to your coffee maker on a routine basis. 

nespresso machine
Clean Nespresso Machine

Cleaning Nespresso Steam Wand

You will want to wipe down and purge the steam wand regularly. After you’ve wiped down the wand, you want to use the “clean steam wand” setting on your Nespresso to finish the cleaning process. Otherwise, you risk mold build-up from old milk residue. Therefore, clean and purge your steam wand at least once a month to keep it clean and residue free.

Nespresso Milk Container Cleaning

Some of the Nespresso coffee makers include a milk container. It would be best to regularly clean the compartment after each use to prevent milk or mold build-up. This can be done by removing the compartment from the Nespresso machine and washing it. The compartment can be washed by hand or on the top level of your dishwasher.

How often to clean milk container

The milk container should be cleaned after each use to prevent mold from forming inside the container. Otherwise, you may unintentionally end up consuming mold, which is not at all safe. 

Descaling Your Nespresso Maker

Descaling can be done with the use of a descaling kit. These kits are available online and at a variety of retailers. 

The descaling process removes any minerals that have built up inside your machine. You will often see this build-up referred to as limescale.

How often to Descale my Nespresso

Descaling is recommended to be done at least every six to twelve months. However, you can also descale your machine as needed, as each machine’s descaling needs may vary depending on how frequently it is used.

Cleaning the Exterior

nespresso machine exterior

To clean the exterior of your Nespresso machine, you will want to take a dampened washcloth and use it to wipe off the exterior. This is helpful if coffee has spilled or if you notice any debris outside your Nespresso Machine. If any residue is tough to remove, dampen a washcloth in warm water, as the warmth should help to unstick the debris.


Cleaning your Nespresso machine is easy but also important. Just like cleaning any coffee maker, cleaning your Nespresso machine is critical for keeping high-quality taste in your coffee.

You should always make sure to give your Nespresso Machine routine care and cleaning to prevent the cleaning process from becoming complicated.

In Conclusion, we reviewed the methods for descaling the machine and cleaning the steam wand, milk container, and the machine’s exterior. 

If any of these steps confused you, you could always reference your manual. The manual should clarify whether or not your machine has a steam wand and a milk container if you aren’t sure.

Hopefully, this guide encourages you to begin your Nespresso cleaning journey and has helped you with any doubts you may have had.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the steam wand located?

The exact location varies from model to model. Therefore, referencing your manual is always recommended. However, they are usually found near the front of the machine near the left and right-hand sides. 

How to know if Nespresso coffee maker has a Milk container

The milk container is just a container used to store milk used for certain brews. 

It is almost identical to the water container, as they both store and heat liquids. However, they both differ in functionality as the milk’s used as an additive, while water is used as a base. 

For example, if you were to use this for brewing a coffee, you would fill up the container with your desired milk and then begin. This will allow for the distribution of the coffee as its brewing and the milk as needed for the desired brew result. 

Where is the Milk Container located?

The milk container is typically found near the front of the appliance, while the water tank can be found near the back. 

However, this may differ from model to model. Therefore, it’s recommended that you reference your manual for the exact location of the milk container. Each model has its own unique set-up, and the location of each compartment may vary.

What causes the build-up of minerals that create limescale? 

The use of water within your machine is what causes limescale to form. This is due to the minerals that are found in water building up in the machine. Therefore, routine descaling is necessary to prevent the limescale from clogging or even breaking the machine. 

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