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How to clean a faux fur rug

Cleaning Faux Fur Rugs

Faux fur rugs are very trendy right now as they fit Scandinavian interior design very well.  However, faux fur rugs can get quite dirty, especially if they’re white.  Faux fur rugs should be hand washed and handled with care.

Since they are so fluffy, they look a bit intimidating to get wet and clean.  However, once dry, their fluffiness is restored back to normal and there isn’t anything to be afraid of.  To be extra careful, we recommend washing by hand.  These are the steps to clean a faux fur rug.


Large bucket, water container, or tub

Castile soap


How to clean a small faux fur rug

Step One: Fill your container with water, but not completely full.  Leave some room for when the faux fur rug is submerged.

Step Two: Add castile soap to your water.  This amount depends on the size of your faux fur rug or container.

Step Three: Submerge faux fur rug into the water and castile soap solution.

Step Four: Rub and scrub rug with your hands.  Get the dirt out of there and add more castile soap if you feel it is necessary.

Step Five:  Remove faux fur from the bucket and rinse the soap off with water.

Step Six:  Once done rinsing, wring the rug to get as much water off with your hands.  Then lat the rug facing up on a towel to dry.

Step Seven: Brush your faux fur rug so it can regain its floof.

How to clean a large faux fur rug

Not everyone will have a container large enough for their faux fur rug.  That’s totally fine, you can still give it a wash by pouring it over on the ground.

Step One: Spread detergent on your faux fur rug

Step Two: Add water on top of the detergent.

Step Three: Gently scrub the water and the detergent together causing it to fizz and clean.

Step Four: Rinse out the faux fur rug with a hose.  Do everything necessary to rinse off the soap with what you have around.  Stepping on the rug can help squeeze the water out too.

Step Five: Leave your faux fur rug out to dry.

Step Six: Brush your rug so that it gains fluff.

Faux Fur Rug is Clean Again

Once your rug has dried it is ready to be used again.  The process can be quite tedious, but it is definitely worth it in the end and you see the before and after.

How often should I wash my faux fur rug?

Depends on how dirty it gets.   If your rug is in a place that it is constantly stepped on, you will have to wash it more frequently.  If it rarely ever gets touched, you could go years without cleaning.

Can I put it in the washing machine?

That depends on your specific faux fur rug.  I recommend looking at any tags with machine washing instructions and follow those closely.  You will likely only want to wash it with cold water and leave it out to dry instead of using your dryer

What can I use instead of Castile soap?

You could try using any detergent or dish soap.  If you’re unsure about whether it will harm your specific rug, you can test it out in small area first.

Clean Faux Fur Rug

Enjoy your freshly washed faux fur rug!  Aren’t you impressed at how much of a difference it made?  Especially when it comes to white fur, having it looking clean goes a long way!

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